Saturday, October 3, 2009

My favorite blogs

After that rather long-winded but cathartic post, I leave you with my 3 favorite blogs of the moment.

   Most Doctor Who TV writers do not blog on the internet for good reasons. However,  my favorite DW writer(tied with Stephan Moffet), Paul Cornell has his own blog. Along with talking about Who related musings, he also writes novel, comic books, and makes time to attend any conventions he's invited to. I especially like his 12 countdowns to Christmas blogs, filled with tidbits about himself and other writers. He also is one of the few authors who responds to almost every post. Cheers Paul.

 The second blog is entitled "Gay Family Values" and it comes from Jay and Brian Leffew, a married Star Wars loving couple in California who have two adorable adopted children. They started a YouTube video channel about their family after Prop 8 passed last year and finding no other gay families on YouTube. There videos became a hit simply because they show average family activities-Easter egg coloring, putting the children to bed, vacations, etc. The only thing different is the parents are two dads. Just recently, Bryan has started a blog. The issue of gay marriage has been in the news a lot lately due to its appearance on several state ballots this fall. I think they are one of the best advertisements for marriage equality-two loving adults who simply want to raise their children and have all the legal rights that "normal" couples share. Their video channel is linked here Depfox channel.  Bryan's blog link is here Gay Family Values.

Finally, I'm a subway junkie, not the sandwich shop, but the transportation. My favorite subway is the London Underground. From across the pond, the award-winning Annie Mole(love the name) has produced a Tube Diary that explores the interesting and mundane aspect of the subway Londoners love to hate, sprinkled in between with tidbits from other cities trains. Fascinating blog and learned many odd tidbits about the Tube such as the pigeons who ride the trains, and the cheerful signs from station managers in some Underground stations. Her website is here.

Since it's about time to head out, here's an old video from the Housemartins with a young Fatboy Slim.

Friday, October 2, 2009

First step is a doozie

Hello there and welcome...I'm a little nervous but here goes.

As friends and family know, I'm a big Doctor Who fan. I've made the pilgrimage to Cardiff, traveled to Earls Court to see the Who exposition, scheduled my UK vacation to catch the season premiere. Just don't ask about Dalek Sec.

This blog is like a newly regenerated Doctor-a work in progress and a bit eclectic. I hope to talk about my interests-traveling, current events and with a little Doctor Who mixed in.

Thanks for taking the time to read.