Thursday, May 5, 2011

I spent 20 hours in Copenhagen and I only learned Danish swear words.

I've been hoping to write more often but after starting this blog, my work responsibilities have increased two-fold. I really need a vacation and seeing the royal wedding made me release it's been 2 years since I've been overseas. Which brings me back to my topic.

After two weeks and marathon viewing sessions, I've watched the final episode of Forbrydelsen. Overall, it was a fantastic series that inches along until episode 17 when it switches to warp speed. My ability to spot the killer based on Law & Order rules remains unsurpassed but I was wrong about the motive. In fact, my only criticism is that much was left up to the viewer to figure out at the end and many questions were left unanswered. The ending is one thing AMC's The Killing is changing and it's probably a good thing based on the fact that Americans love closure, ambiguity in movies or TV isn't really popular in my experience. Sadly, unlike a Japanese fellow who learned English by watching ER, the only Danish words I picked up were either German words or swear words that transcend every language. The rest sounded like mouths stuffed with marbles! However, if I ever get a pet, I will name him/her Troels.

As for the new season of Doctor Who, I'm very intrigued with all the hints dropped in the first two-parter. It looks like Moffat will once again put Amy & Rory through the wringer this season-he is such a soap writer! As long as they leave together at the end of the season and Rory doesn't die again-he drifting into Fox Mulder(season-ending pseudo-death) territory. On a more positive note, Sherlock will be starting filming shortly and air in the fall. Yippee.

I may not have anyone in England but this song expresses my feelings when I get "homesick" for England.

Next blog will be my adventures at the EU Embassies Open House. Stay tuned.

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