Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics...What Olympics?

Well, the Olympics are underway and and while I wish I could say I'm watching it, thanks to NBC I'm not. As I am only a lowly serf who has a basic antenna, NBC has deemed me unworthy to watch online-meaning I can't see anything live and have to wait 6 hours for the primetime feed. Yet, every media outlet in the world including NBC's own news department already has published the results so I was stuck knowing the results of the mens swimming competition then watching it 6 hours later with announcer trying to tell me that Michael Phelps had a chance of winning. Yeah right.

More disturbingly, even if one has cable and can get the online feed, the event is cut into by advertising every 5 minutes! Watching at my parents house, I counted no less then three ads for THE OLYMPICS each commercial break. I hate to break it to the corporation but the users are already watching the games. As those who know me already found out, my wrath began when the network needlessly chopped up the tape delayed Opening Ceremonies, brought in three commentators who liked to hear themselves talk rather than letting the audience watch the program, deleting some songs and not even showing the 7/7 tribute so Ryan Seacrest could interview a bored looking Phelps. First, if the BBC ever deleted a 9/11 tribute, we'd never hear the end of it from Americans. Secondly, what does Ryan Seacrest have to do with sports. Isn't he an entertainment/fluff presenter? But I've noticed many NBC Olympic commentators know only the basics of the sports they're presenting and not the specific workings of the sports.

As the hashtag on Twitter #NBCfail has shown, many people are frustrated and disappointed with the way the network has handled the games. Given as they have blocked their email account and not replied to the deluge of Facebook comments, nothing will change.

Rant over-In order to end my entry on a high note, I recently went to the Hirshorn Gallery in DC and took some photos of the temporary exhibition sculpture of Ai Weiwei called The Zodiac Heads. These sculptures were place around the outside fountain in the order of the Chinese Zodiac. I'm the year of the Boar so naturally I had to take it's picture

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